We seek lasting partnerships with our clients, but we’re not for everyone.

We have found that our most successful clients have these qualities:


They want to make an impact

If you want to transform your organization, communication has a vital role to play.  If you’re serious about making changes that will have a lasting impact, then talk to us.

They’re in it for the long haul

Getting communication right is hard work, but we share the load with great clients and never leave their side.   And even though we work fast, getting results can take time.  If you’re ready to start fast and stay the course, then you’ve found the right partner.

They understand integrity is non-negotiable

Short-term fixes and shortcuts can be alluring.  It can be tempting to hide a problem or to try to “spin” your way out of a thorny issue, but that doesn’t work for long, especially in a networked world.  If you’re committed to doing the right thing we can work together very well.

“People think risk is the enemy, when actually it is fortune’s accomplice.” – Sting

They want creativity – and results

Ideas are a precious commodity.  They are hard to find and easily lost.  And taking an idea to fruition takes both passion and pragmatism.  If you are looking for people who combine creative sensibility with business savvy, you’ll find them here.

They know the limits of metrics

Our best clients like metrics but are not slaves to them.  It’s the same for us.  Numbers can be wrong or suggest a precision that simply doesn’t exist.  Remember Wall Street’s vaunted risk models?  Good judgment matters more than good numbers.  And we never forget that the satisfaction of our clients is the measure that matters most.

They have a story to be told

Storytelling always has been at the center of the human experience.   Effective communication – whether it is a Broadway script or a CEO’s speech – embraces a compelling narrative.  People remember good stories more than good facts.  We can help you develop your story and make it unforgettable.

They speak when speaking is tough

No matter how bad the situation, communication can help.  Saying “no comment” is not a strategy.  We’ve worked successfully with many clients to use communication to address a problem without jeopardizing their legal strategy.

They believe in communication

Leaders understand the importance of good communication.  They don’t need proof; they know it in their bones.  If you don’t believe that communication is integral to your success, we’re probably not the firm for you.